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  • Post- and Pre-Stack Time Migration

  • Survey Merging

  • Spectral Enhancement

  • Gather Conditioning

  • Anisotropy

  • Wide Azimuth

  • Multi-Component

  • Seismic and AVO Attributes

  • Interpretation

  • Statics

The foundation of successful oil and gas exploration is the elimination

of risk. And, working with an accurate seismic image is a great tool to help achieve this goal.


Crescent Geo prides itself on processing seismic data the right way. From geometry onward, an imaging company must pay close

attention to details, conduct tests when warranted, and ensure that

its clients are on board with the steps being taken.


Once your initial processing is complete, Crescent Geo can also perform advanced services including spectral enhancement and attributes to help provide a more complete understanding of your data.

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