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Crescent Geo was opened in 2006 with a mission to provide the highest quality seismic imaging services to the Oil & Gas industry. Since that day, we have successfully tackled projects here at home and across the globe imaging both conventional and unconventional resources in a wide variety of geologic provinces. Our seasoned team of staff and consultants along with cutting edge technologies and advanced workflows come

together to enable Crescent Geo to provide the best seismic results in the industry.

Crescent Geo has the knowledge and breadth of experience to tackle all of your seismic issues. Around the globe, Crescent Geo’s staff and consultants have worked on data from over 45 nations on six continents. In the United States, our team has collectively worked on projects encompassing most major basins in well over 20 states. Newly acquired or vintage 2D, 3D, and multicomponent data. Onshore, transition zone, and offshore. Conventional or Unconventional. Salt, permafrost, overthrust, overpressure, and more.


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