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  • Post- and Pre-Stack Depth Migration

  • Reverse Time Migration

  • Velocity Model Building

  • Anisotropy

  • Tomography

  • Sub-Salt Imaging

  • Multi-Component

  • Interpretation

Crescent Geo has quickly earned a reputation for providing exceptional

imaging results in a wide array of geologic regimes combining innovative, proprietary, and time-tested workflows.


Our Pre-Stack Depth Migration results are recognized as much more accurate than others in the industry. Crescent Geo especially excels with land and marine projects where salt plays a role in the regional tectonics.


In addition to more traditional approaches to depth imaging, Crescent Geo also employs many of the cutting edge tools available in the industry including RTM, VTI and TTI anisotropy in both our migrations and model building, and WAZ.

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